It appears that I’m terrible at jumpstarting a blog. But this year is different, and I’m going to make a serious effort to do some blogging.

The reason this year is different is because I need to be proactive with my diet. I’m attempting what I refer to as a ‘lazy paleo’ diet where-in I follow most rules but not all. I’ve had some somewhat serious stomach issues and no real cause for them. I wasn’t diagnosed with anything like celiacs or lactose-intolerance but I still feel like sugar, dairy and carbs are my triggers. So as I transition from a cheese and pasta heavy diet into my meat-and-veggie diet, I think it’ll be easier to track through here. I’ve been trying to follow this diet since last month, but the holidays were just garbage and not conducive to a new diet. With the new year starting fresh and no big holiday/parties coming up, I think this is the time to start fresh.

I refer to the diet as ‘lazy paleo’ for two reasons:

(1) I dislike the idea of forcing my diet on my friends or suffering if I’m going out to eat. If someone is nice enough to cook for me, I may mention in passing that I’m trying to eat healthier but I’m not going to turn down their homecooked meal.  As it is a choice on my part, I hate imposing on their hospitality. And for the resturants, if I’m going to spend money on something I want to enjoy it. I’m not saying I’ll completely cheat and eat five pounds of pasta, but I’m not going to panic if there’s cheese in my salad.

(2) I don’t want to spend money on a lot of specialty groceries. I don’t mind buying some coconut oil, but I’m not about to run out and buy cashew milk for one recipe. I want to make my life simpler, so I’ll probably avoid things that require milk in general but a cup of milk for a cake won’t kill me (not that I should eat cake, but you get my point). I’m not running out for breadcrumbs made of gluten-free bread. I just won’t eat breadcrumbs.

So good luck to me, and to all the rest of you starting new diets! Whatever your resolutions are, I hope you succe

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