I have a one track mind. When I get an idea, or want to do something, it tends to stay front and center until its done. I get this way with party planning, a recipe I want to try or an argument I’m having with a friend that didn’t get resolved.

Currently I’m obsessing about an Oscar party I want to have. I know its a month and a half away, but I sent invites to all my friends and spent the morning thinking up recipes that I want to make that relate to the Best Picture Nominees.  I can post my final menu and how it turns out once I’m done, but I think I’m most of the way there already. The hardest two are Zero Dark Thirty and Argo since they mostly take place in the Middle East and I’m not as familiar with the food from there. I did live in Egypt for a while, and have a fondness for their sweets (seriously, the bakery in Maadi I lived near have the best cakes I’ve ever had in my life) but I don’t know how to make any of that myself.

Fortunately, there’s also Life of Pi to consider. Pie. Done.

More on topic, I recently had an irresistible urge to have one of my favorite easy-to-make dishes. Roasted kielbasa and butternut squash. Except, I didn’t have squash or kielbasa at home. So I drove an extra 15 minutes out of the way to Trader Joe’s to pick some squash up. They didn’t have kielbasa though, which brought my excitement level down. Regular sausage works, but kielbasa is just so much better with it. Then, I tried to drive home and it took – no joke- like 45 minutes because of ridiculous commuter trains at 6pm. Rush hour is no joke, even in the suburbs. I was suppose to be at play rehearsal at 7 but I got home at like 6:30 and was starving so I just showed up to my rehearsal at 7:30. The whole thing was silly – I had food at home, and would have gotten home at 5:30 and wouldn’t have been late to rehearsal  But my brain was screaming that it wanted squash and kielbasa.

It was totally worth the effort though. Its literally the easiest dish I make within my lazy paleo perimeters. I buy prechopped butternut squash (from either Trader Joe’s or Standard Market). I buy kielbasa. I put the squash in a 9×9 pan and pour some olive oil and seasoning salt over it. Mix. Chop kielbasa, mix into squash. Put in oven at 450. Take out in 45 minutes to an hour, or when squash is soft. Eat when cooled off.

I love it. I seriously would every week if I didn’t have to make a special trip out to buy the squash. Technically  I could just buy a regular one and chop it myself. But I really really hate dealing with peeling the squash.


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