Lunch issues

I have serious lunch issues. Well, not serious. But lunch issues, nonetheless.

I like bringing food for lunch. As much as I like eating at resturants, that adds up quickly.  I’ve never been a sandwich person (though I occasionally stop at Panera or Subway. But then I don’t have to touch the lunchmeat, which I find gross). I don’t eat frozen dinners because (A) I’m cheap, and (B) I’m picky. Plus, something about those weirds me out, thinking about the chemicals and fake ingredients that are in them. I’m sure they’re fine, I know people that enjoy them. I’m just not one of them.

I tend to eat leftovers for lunch, or make something early in the week that can last. Lately, I’ve been on a mini meatloaf kick. I make about 24 of them, and freeze them three at a time. They’ve been great for lunches! But then I get teased that I eat the same thing everyday. Really, I can’t win.

Look at all that color!

2013-02-03 13.34.21


Once again showing my lazy nature, when I make these, I buy all precut veggies. The grocery stor near my house sells a  blend of diced pepper, and another one of celery/onion/carrots diced. I usually don’t put celery in there, but I like buying them all together so I can make tuna/chicken salads later.

Unfortuantely, the container is very large and makes my fridge smell like onions.

The recipie I found for this is here, at another Paleo Blog. That’s not the place I originally found it, but its the exact same recipie. Its pretty easy, and I’ve made it easier by not measuring anything. I double this to make my 24 muffins.  And I always add bacon.


2013-02-03 13.46.32


I use silcone cups because they’re easier to clean up. It takes a little while longer to bake them and they end up a little smaller. But overall, I’m in favor of them! They’re so easy to clean! (I got these from World Market).

Then when they cool, I put them in tupperware and store in teh freezer. Every day I bring my lunch (which is most days) I just grab a container and a little baggie of carrots. I also buy a huge bag of baby carrots and put them in little baggies that I keep in a bowl in the fridge.

2013-02-03 16.07.06


Easy! Now if I could just stop getting teased…

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