Alternative Valentine’s Day

I have never been a part of a romantic, big gesture, Valentine’s Day. Despite my best efforts and my romance novel addiction, my life has not played out in that fashion. But honestly, its never bothered me in the slightest.

The people in my world – family, friends, neighbors – have never once put the notion that Valentine’s Day was exclusive to romantic love. In my world, its always been a celebration of all kinds of love.  My dad put heart shaped boxes of chocolates under mine and my brother’s pillows. I don’t think I ever saw my parents go on a date for the big day – they would take the children out instead. Me with my dad and my brothers with my mother. There was no mentions of gifts, though my mother got a much bigger box of chocolates than the rest of us.

My friend use to buy the girls in her life a rose for Vday. My best friend sends cards. My grandparents sent cards. (We’re a big card buying group of people). The neighbors would bake cookies to share. My aunt sent me candy a few times. These people love me, unequivocally. I don’t need a date on a random day in February to know I’m important to other people – I have wonderful people that are willing to illustrate it without effort.

I think its a myth that you need to be part of a romantic couple to enjoy a day that celebrates love. There’s all different kinds out there that are accessible. While I’m single this year, and not thrilled about it, I’m not going to sit home and dwell or be sad. I’ll call my dad, I’ll send some cards to friends and maybe watch a cheesey rom-com. I’ll tell someone I love them, and mean it.

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