Oscar Party!

I really love throwing parties. Sure, planning could be stressful but having people over is always fun. The group of friends I have love hosting, throwing, attending or anything related to parties. We have pretty much segmented the year up into holidays people have claimed – I get Christmas. But I wanted to have people over, and we already had a game night recently…

An Oscars viewing party!? Perfect! No one has called that one yet!

So I brainstormed. 9 Best Movie Nominees – 9 menu items!



So my nine items were:
Apps/Small plates
Beasts of the Southern Wild – Cajun En Croute
Django Unchained – Bourbon Whiskey Meatballs
Silver Linings Playbook – Philly Cheesesteak crostani
Les Miserables – a poor version of Roulade (mine was Salami and Cream Cheese)
Argo – ‘Argo’choke dip
Zero dark thirty – hummus and pita chips

Life of Pi – Coconut Cream Pie
Lincoln – Apple Pie (his favorite)
Amour – Mini Eclairs

All the deserts and dips, I bought from my local Jewel Osco. But the other four I made by hand. Meatballs and the Salami/Cream cheese are easy to whip together. But I thought I’d show some picture steps for other two.

Cajun En Croute is easy enough, just puff pastry, mustard and sausage!

Step One – Chop!

Step two – bundle!
Step thee- Bake!

The Philly Cheesesteak crostani was a little bit more labor intensive – but seriously good. Everything tasted great, but the one people kept going back to was this Crostani…I think it was the cheese wiz…

First, you have to slice a baguette and toast the slices:


Slice a ridiculous amount of meat and veggies, then saute them:


Then cover those toasted baguettes in cheese wiz


Place meat, then veggies on top of baguettes and bake for a few minutes




Outside of the food, we all thought that Seth was pretty funny, but the show was soooo longggg. People came over for the preshow, so they were here from like five hours to watch tv. A little tiring. And there weren’t really any surpises, except for Jennifer Lawrence falling down. But really, we all expect her to do something silly, don’t we?

My favorite joke of the night was the Sound of Music one – I burst out laughing at the first cut-away.

In all, enjoyed making the food and everything but next year I think I’ll let someone with a DVR host and I’ll bring snacks.

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