There are days, like today, where I wonder if I should have taken different paths. I could have applied to law school, I could have gotten a teaching degree, I could have taken that job out of state or even just moved out of state on a whim.
I tend to believe that things happen for a reason – not necessarily in a fate like manner, or even a ‘god has a plan’ way – but more that the decision you make, shape who you are. You can only decide things with the information you have in front of you. And you have to own that decision. Obviously, when I chose not to apply to law school, I was making the choice based on my average LSAT scores and desire not to go into more debt for something I wasn’t 100% sure about. What I didn’t know what six months from graduation, I would be offered the chance to live overseas. If I had gone route A, Route B wouldn’t have been a realistic opportunity.
I chose several months ago not to take a job out of state. At the time, I was deciding based on the idea that it financially didn’t make sense – the job would have been in an expensive city and I wouldn’t make enough to cover a lot of expenses. But now, I wonder if I should have risked it.
I try not to regret things – you can’t change your past. I do my very best to step forward and work from the choices I’ve made already. But man, that city would have been cool to live in.

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