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Long time, no see

Its been a year since I’ve written here. Over a year actually, but I’m rounding down. Obviously a lot has happened – nothing significant or aww worthy like weddings or babies, but a lot of little things have compiled to make me feel different. I bought a new dining room table! And a mattress! That kinda makes me an adult, right?

Also something obvious – I haven’t stopped cooking. I mean duh, I have to eat to live. But I think part of the reason I stopped writing in here is because of the pressure I gave myself to put up food related posts. And sometimes, I just need to write. I need an outlet to vent to the invisible people of the internet. And I’m not the best writer, so I need practice. I resolve to write more. To get thoughts on paper. Some days, I may put a recipe or two on here.

This year, I wrote a murder mystery party. I was told it was fun (which yay!) but they problem with writing one is that you don’t get to participate! I didn’t even think of that.  I basically watched everyone else have fun without me. I’ve also taken up cross stitching as my new outlet for creativity – I think I’m doing well:

Cross stitch for your bathroom!

I wrote a few poems in birthday cards, and one for a baby book shower but all in all, my writing has gotten lax. I need to sharpen that instrument!

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