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Hello Monday morning.  I did not miss you at all.

I finally sat down this weekend and wrote what I’ve been eating lately – I have some slight stomach issues, so its good when I keep my food journals up to date so I can pinpoint what might have made me sick. And I’ve been feeling off kinda frequently, so I figured it was time to play catch up. What I discovered, is that my diet the last two weeks has been outrageously bad. For me, probably not in the grand scheme of diets.

As I’ve written in here before, I try (and apparently fail) to eat a somewhat Paleo type of diet. Last week I made Blue Cheese Mac and Cheese because I was stressed. My go-to comfort food is mac and cheese, and if I could, I would probably live on blue cheese. Love it. Unfortunately  I live alone – this mac and cheese lasted until yesterday. It was extremely delicious, but definitely not Paleo. The rest of those two weeks was pretty similar – lots of carbs, lots of cheese and even a run to McDonalds (GASP!). No wonder I’ve been feeling sick!

Plus, Saturday night was my parent’s St. Patrick’s day party with my mother’s corned beef, which was also turned into hash for breakfast Sunday morning. Plus lots of homemade cookies. And a few shots of Jameson.  From the party, not breakfast. That would be a little much.

So this week, I’m trying to go back to basics. I’m picking up the ingredients to make my mini-meatloaves tonight, and I’m going to try and make these Slow Cooker Short Ribs for later in the week (they seem almost paleo friendly, so that’ll be good).

But before I switch over, I figured I’d share my favorite non-corned beef hash breakfast. Definitely not paleo, but easy to make.

My family calls these toad-in-a-hole but I’ve heard them called eggs in a basket as well.

I usually start with two pieces of bread, two eggs and some butter.  Melt the butter on a large pan (if you have a  griddle or skillet that works best). While its melting, cut two holes out of the middle of the bread – I usually use a juice or shot glass, but a cookie/biscuit cutter is an easy way to do it. Place the bread on the butter in the skillet, with the cut out rounds to the side as well. Crack an egg into the hole of each piece, add salt and pepper to taste.



Cook until eggs can be flipped (usually about a couple minutes). Remove rounds for a little bit, butter their area again. Flip bread/egg onto melted butter. Put rounds back on other side to continue to grill them.

Not a perfect flip on top, but still good.

Not a perfect flip on top, but still good.

Once eggs are cooked to desired firmness, remove and eat! (Well, probably let them cool a bit before eating). I like mine about over-medium, so its probably just another minute or so. Eggs are so quick!

These are different from just fried eggs and toast – the bread gets grilled instead of toasted, and the butter cooked into the bread is just fantastic.



Now back to my relatively boring breakfast of two sausage links. Not bad, but its no toad-in-the-hole!

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