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Once Again

Once again, I find myself ignoring this space for a little too long. I do try, I really do, but time seems to slip through my fingers at lot more easily these days.
I don’t know if its just life as an adult or the summertime in general, but the last few months have been insanely busy. When I’m not working – and lately, I’ve been getting a lot of overtime there as well – I’m trying to cram everything I think I want to do into the free hours. This has lead to a lot of fun days/night/weekends but also a very drained and tired me. These are times I’m glad I live alone, so when I do overextend myself and need a break, I can hole up and not talk to anyone or lay on my couch for a few hours without feeling bad about it. I think things will slow down now that we’re technically entering the fall, but who knows what the future months will bring. My friend and I are discussing moving together, I’ve got a couple ideas for trips and I want to see my new baby nephew as much as possible! The only guarantee for slow months is when it snows and then no one wants to discuss being on the road anyway.

On that note – Criminal Minds is now on Netflix and my life is basically over. Also, tv season is back! I’m borderline obsessed with television and cannot wait to see new pilots or my old favorites come back. Premiere season is the best, followed closely by finale season. For new shows, I’m pretty excited for Gotham,  How to Get Away With Murder and The Flash. I’m cautiously optimistic about Mulaney (he’s one of my favorite comedians), Scorpion (looks like Numbers, which I loved), Forever and Constantine.  Now if only they would release Arrow’s 2nd season on Netflix!!

I wanted to write a quick review of my newest cookbook that I love. Regardless of the fact that I live alone, I asked for (and received) the book Dinner: The Playbook by Jenny Rosenstrach, who co-writes the blog Dinner: A Love Story with her husband. I literally read the book cover to cover – and yes, I read recipes for fun – on the plane to Vegas a couple weeks ago. I kept bothering my two friends I was flying with – “Ooh doesn’t this look good? Should we make this sometime?”. They thought I was super weird, but the book has a lot of great ideas! The general idea of the The Playbook is devising a plan for a daily family dinner. It gives tips on how to prep recipes ahead of time, great ideas for grocery shopping and of course delicious meals to try. My only issue is that the meals are designed to be served to a family, and I again, live alone. So I made these super delicious shrimp rolls below…but I ate them Monday, Tuesday and probably will again tonight. I probably could have halved the recipie – but I had a two lb bag of shrimp, and just figured I would do the whole thing anyway.

Shrimp Rolls and the cook book! I think I captured the book's vision pretty well.

Shrimp Rolls and the cook book! I think I captured the book’s vision pretty well.

Anyway, pick it up! I can’t wait to try the Black Bean and Goat Cheese Quesadilla and the Chicken in Mustard Sauce. But next on my list is the Chicken BLT…yum.


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